Massages, hay baths and other treatments at the Alpenhof Guest relaxes lying on warm hay and slightly moist Woman enjoys the benefits of the treatments at the Hotel Alpenhof

The Treatments at Our Soa Hotel near Meran in South Tyrol

Spoil yourself!
Time off Alpenhof Style!

In our Spa hotel near Meran you can expect an extensive range of treatments – in addition to an inviting Spa area with sauna world and indoor pool.

Allow our qualified therapist to spoil you from head to toe, using cold-pressed Dr Joseph Vitalis oils to massage your aching muscles. Thanks to the professional treatments, pent-up tension just melts away. Rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and anti-oxidants, the special Vitalis balms and plant oils nourish the skin. You can book your session with our masseuse on tuesdays and thursdays, between 3 – 7pm. Please be sure to make an appointment in advance.

Our “hot tip”: Try our traditional South Tyrolean “hay bath”. A variant of the classic healing bath, you lie immersed in the self-heating dry hay which is harvested in the high pastures of the Passeiertal Valley. Your body absorbs the natural medicinal essences – with highly beneficial results! You’ll most certainly feel the difference!

Spa treatments at a glance

Classic Partial Body Massage

A massage that addresses discomfort in specific areas of the back and legs.

25 min. 42,- REQUEST
Foot reflexology massage

Through the treatment of the organ-specific reflex zones, the self-healing powers are activated and the entire
the entire metabolism is stimulated. Thai sticks made of cherry wood are used for the treatment.

25 min. 45,- REQUEST
Head and Neck Massage

Say goodbye to stress and tension

25 min. 42,- REQUEST

The warm basalt stones set the regeneration process in motion through targeted use.
The entire organism is charged with energy and vitality.

50 min. 75,- REQUEST
Sports Massage

The sports massage increases blood flow, raises performance and helps with muscle regeneration.

50 min. 67,- REQUEST
Aromatic Massage

A relaxing full-body massage with individually selected organic aromas. Tailored to
your needs. Has a calming effect on exhaustion, tiredness, nervousness and insomnia.

50 min. 67,- REQUEST
Classic Full Body Massage

This massage invigorates and loosens the muscles and tissues with circulation-enhancing oils.
and loosened

50 min. 65,- REQUEST
Vital Massage

An intensive massage for the back and legs in combination with a stimulating foot massage.
Stimulates self-healing.

50 min. 67,- REQUEST
Resonance - Dorsalis massage with cupping glass

An intensive back massage in combination with heat compresses, as well as gentle loosening of muscle adhesions through the tried and tested cupping technique. Finally, warm basalt stones are placed
are placed on the energy chakras.

50 min. 67,- REQUEST
Lymph Stimulating Massage

A special massage technique stimulates lymphatic circulation, reduces fluid build-up in the tissues and detoxifies the body.
tissues and detoxifies the body.
This gentle, light massage is done with powder.

50 min. 65,- REQUEST
Salt peeling- Massage

Ideal for cleansing and circulating the skin. It has a stimulating effect on the metabolism,
stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces cellulite, eliminates toxins and leaves the skin soft to the touch.

50 min. 65,- REQUEST


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