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Hiking Holidays in the Passeiertal Valley in South Tyrol

Freedom up
in the heights!

On Wednesdays, Walter, your host, organises group hikes to the spectacular mountain pastures of the Passeiertal Valley, as well as into the Texelgruppe Nature Park mountains. Although these excursions vary considerably, and a welcome pause at one of the beautiful alpine pastures is always part of the experience. Group hikes are also fun for the children, providing an opportunity to make new friends. Don’t forget to bring your hiking boots and rucksack!

Besides the organised hikes with a guide, you are also at liberty to explore the mountains and lakes on your own. Don’t miss the multi-stage 100 km long Meran High Mountain Trail, or visiting one of the crosses on the summits. These can be found on the Hirzerspitze peak (2,785 m) as well as the Ifingerspitze summit (2,581 m). You can also hike to the Spronserseen high-mountain lakes in the Texelgruppe Nature Park, or the Seebersee peak on the Timmelsjoch mountain pass. Whatever your programme, your hiking holiday in the Passeiertal Valley is sure to be unforgettable! We’re happy to provide you with all the information you’ll need to best plan your hikes.

Discover many great hiking trails in South Tyrol

We recommend the following day trips:

Val Passiria-Passiria Waterfall Family Hike

Turn right after the children’s play area in San Martino, Val Passiria. Follow Via Prantago and, after the bridge, the Lungo Passirio until you reach Clava. Cross the bridge here and walk up to the main street. Cross here and follow Via Trifter. After a walk through the forest, you’ll reach the Passiria Waterfall (approx. 48m high). Take the same way back until you reach the bridge, and continue up to the Bucherkeller (a good place for a pitstop). Return to San Martino via the Passiria golf course.

Duration: approx. 2 hours
Altitude Difference: little to none
Difficulty: easy
Pushchair/Pram: yes, except on the forest trail leading up to the waterfall

Val Passiria-Saltusio ‘Waalweg’ Family Hike

From the Hirzer cable car car park in Saltusio to the Lungo Passirio and on to the Trogglerhof Hotel. From there, follow the Waalweg to Scena or turn off after the Waalerhütte inn to Rifiano and Merano.

Duration: approx. 3 hours (Saltusio-Scena)
Altitude Difference: 140m
Difficulty: easy-medium
Pushchair/Pram: yes

Waalweg - Rifiano Waalweg

Route: Rifiano centre - Via della Chiesa - Via Rössl - Waalweg - Caines - Valle di Caines

You can reach the Waalweg via either Via della Chiesa or Via Rössl. Via Rössl branches off from Via della Chiesa after about 400m and takes you on a slight incline up to the firing range, which is where the Rifiano Waalweg begins. It takes you between meadows and the edge of the forest and ends in Valle di Caines. You can get back via Via Caines, Sentiero Valtmaun or Via Hohl. If you wish, you can drive to the Valle di Caines Waalweg (car park) and walk for approx. 45 minutes to Rifiano.

Walking Time: approx. 1½ hours.
Overall Distance: approx. 3km
Difficulty: easy and unproblematic

Hirzer Pasture Tour

Start: Saltusio Valley Station
Return Journey: via the Prenn mid-station

Route: Take the Hirzer cable car to the Klammeben mountain station (1980m) and continue to the Hirzerhütte (1980m) and Resegger Alm inns. Your trip will then take you on to the Mahdalm (2000m) via the Hintereggalm (1990m). For the return journey, follow the signs to the Gompm Alm (1808m) and then take the forest path towards the Hochwies Inn (1584m) to the Prenn middle station (1404m).

Walking Time: 3-4 hours
Overall Distance: 5-9km
Difficulty Level: an easy, well marked hike

Klammeben - Hirzerhütte - Hirzer

Start: Saltusio Valley Station
Return Journey: with the Hirzer cable car (or with the Picco Ivigna cable car from Merano 2000 into Val di Nova)

Route: Take the Hirzer cable car to the Klammeben mountain station and continue to the Hirzerhütte inn (1980m). Here, you’ll begin the ascent to the summit of Punta Cervina. The climb takes you eastwards through the trough to the ridge and then left towards the peak (2781m). The Gebirgsjägersteig on the eastern slope of the mountain is recommended to experienced hikers as an excellent descent from the summit. It takes you south, along European long-distance hiking trail no. E5, to Merano 2000 via Lago di San Pancrazio.

Walking Time to the Summit: 3 hours (bring supplies!)
Overall Walking Time (including descent via Merano 2000): 5½-6 hours
Difficulty Level: medium to hard hike for experienced hikers

Prenn - Oberkirn - Videgg - Stafell – Klammeben

Start: Saltusio Valley Station
Return Journey: with the cable car from the Klammeben mountain station

Route: Take the Hirzer  cable car to the Prenn middle station and then follow the path over Oberkirn (1450m) to Videgg (1536m). From here, you’ll attack the ascent to the Stafell Alm (1940m) and hike to the Klammeben mountain station (1980m), from where you’ll begin the return journey.

Walking Time: 4-5 hours
Difficulty Level: easy to medium level hike

NB: For each hike, you should have the following equipment...

  • sturdy footwear
  • sun and rain protection
  • supplies/provisions


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