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Sunday Menu

Vitamin-rich salads and fine dressings from our buffet
Vegetable broth with home made tomato and basil dumplings
Pear turnover with grated smoked cheese and almond butter
Tender loin of pork served on porcini mushrooms and parsley foam, with mixed vegetables in halved baked potatoes
Iced crème cappuccino with amaretto foam

Menu 1

Vitamin-rich salads from the buffet
Asparagus foam soup with a salmon and wild garlic dumpling
Turnover with delicate buffalo mozzarella served on cress and glacé tomatoes
Filled chicken breast served on Mediterranean vegetables and polenta rissoles
Sweet dumplings with sour cherries served with a chocolate-rum sauce and pistachio ice cream

Menu 2

Exquisite cream cheese terrine served on fresh summer salad leaves and herb brioche
Roasted pepper gazpacho
Open puff pastry pocket with chanterelle mushrooms and a parsley and bacon foam
Grilled veal loin with lemon sauce, potato noodles and rolled vegetables
Strawberry-mint mousse in a hazelnut bisque cup

Menu 3

Tasty salads from the buffet
Pumpkin and apple foam soup
Typical South Tyrolean bread pasta with chestnuts and bacon butter
Rare rump steak with a fine port sauce, thinly cut fried potatoes and broccoli hearts
Exquisite pear tiramisù


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