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The Hay Bath - an ancient South Tyrolean tradition

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The South Tyrolean hay bath. We are always delighted to organise this quite special treatment for our guests. It is carried out in the neighbouring building and must be booked in advance.

The hay we use for our hay baths is taken from the unfertilised mountain meadows. Regulations dictate that there must be forty different types of herbs or hay flowers present in any 50m² area. The most significant herbs used in the hay are lady's mantle, rampion, mountain achillea, artemisia, prunella, gentian, veronica, Easter flower, arnica, valerian, primrose, buttercups and soapwort.

The hay bath is an old, traditional healing method dating back many years. Treat yourself!

How does a hay bath work?

You will nestle down into warm, slightly damp hay and stay there for between 20 and 30 minutes, at a temperature of 42°C, until your body has absorbed all the heat and active agents of the herbs. Next, there'll be a break in a quiet room, where you will be wrapped in blankets and sweat comfortably for about half an hour. The benefits of such a treatment include:

  • rheumatic pain relief
  • relaxation of tense muscles and tendons
  • stimulation of beneficial hormones
  • relief from chronic inflammation
  • a wonderful way to relax your body
  • strengthening of the immune system

Hay Bath

Hay bath
Traditional hay bath with essential herbs, plucked from the mountains in Val Passiria.
These herbs relieve pain, help you relax and loosen up, and have both a calming and strengthening effect.
20 min. 50,- REQUEST


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